2nd Training Session – “Increasing intensity” – 22/09/2016

Academy of Football’s 2nd adult football training session kicked off on the 22nd September 2016 at Te Whaea Artificial Turf. Once again, another perfect night for training. We’ve been lucky to avoid the rain tonight given the streak of rainy days. Lets hope our luck continues!

The numbers for tonight’s session fell slightly due to illness, injury, and general busyness. However, there were a few new faces tonight and hopefully we can have our highest attendance next week!

The session tonight was far more intense than last week focusing on ball control, touches, and passing. Our sessions will continue to increase every week to push players further in order to simulate game situations such as controlling the ball when you are running and knackered. If you were looking to join our sessions but starting to feel put off from reading this, don’t worry! Our sessions are very friendly, everyone is encouraging of one another, and most importantly our sessions and exercises are designed to allow you to train at your own pace.

Everyone tonight gave it their all and pushed themselves in the drills. Every individual’s touches improved as the night progressed and was evident in the games played at the end of the evening.

This was a good, solid training session and a real example of whats to come in the coming weeks.

J – 23/09/2016

First training session – “Testing the waters” – 15/09/2016

AoF hosted its very first football training session for adults of all abilities on the 15th September at Te Whea artificial turf. There were rainy days leading up to the session but the sun decided to come out and it was the perfect night for our first training.

In total there were 14 players who participated in this training session where the majority were from AoF’s MeetUp group. The first session was comprised of exercises and drills to determine the skill and fitness levels of the players. As it turns out, most of the players were experienced footballers playing futsal/indoor while only a few were easing themselves back into football after an absence or injury.

Due to the experience of the players, training sessions will now be kicked up a notch to better push the players to develop their touch, skills and fitness. AoF’s sessions will still cater for true beginners to encourage adults to give the sport a go. Its fun, exciting, and you will be surrounded by a great bunch of people who just love the beautiful game.

Overall, the first training session was a success with a great turn out of a great group of people. The idea of the sessions was well accepted and of value as it offers something different – organised and structured sessions for adults consisting of technical exercises to further develop skill sets.

I look forward to the sessions to come!

J – 16/09/2016